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    Contracted Airborne Training Services

    Top Aces is setting the standard in providing Airborne Training support, delivering leading-edge technology and strengthening combat capability in the Global war on terrorism. These services directly impact the readiness of military men and women both home and abroad.

    Contracted Airborne Training Services
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    Airborne Services

    Top Aces uses its fleet of aircraft to perform a variety of missions in support of the the military. The versatility of the Alpha Jet and the Westwind, plus the expertise of the Top Aces crews, allow us to provide the required aircraft configuration, flown on the correct profile, to ensure the training needs of the men and women of the military are being met. Top Aces is committed to delivering these essential services.

    Airborne Services
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    Dornier Alpha Jet

    Top Aces currently operates a fleet of modified Alpha Jet in the airborne training services role. All Alpha Jet aircraft have been upgraded with state-of-the-art Martin Baker ejection seats and Dassault Canopy Escape systems.The aircraft is capable of flying combat training sorties from the surface to high altitude at near supersonic speeds. The Alpha Jet is Night Vision Goggle (NVG) certified and can support a variety of night combat training missions. Top Aces USA uses the CBLS-2000 practice ordance dispenser and has upgraded both the HUD and mission computer to deliver practice ordnance on target and on time to our JTAC customers.

    Dornier Alpha Jet
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    A-4N Skyhawk

    Top Aces USA and it's sister company ATSI Corp use specially modified A-4N Skyhawks (Skyhawk II) designated A-4Ns and two-set versions designated TA-4J.  The A-4N has the higghest thrust to weight ratio of any Skyhawk remaining in operation anywhere in the world and is equipped with fully functional and OEM maintained Escapac IG-3 ejection seats, GPS, Air to GGround wepons capability (simulated and procatice ordnance), Radar Warning Receiver, ARC-182 V/UHF radio, ARC-240 UHF radio and Head-Up Display (HUD).  We have enhanced these aircraft with FAA-approved TACAN, improved Intercommunications Systems (ICS), and TCAS I.

    A-4N Skyhawk
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    IAI Westwind 1124

    Top Aces currently operates IAI Westwind 1124 aircraft, all special mission configured, to provide high-quality real-time training.The Westwinds have been modified with under-winged hard points, pylons and an internal winch to support Target Tow and Electronic Warfare missions. Top Aces' fleet of Westwinds stands ready to meet the demand for quality special mission combat support.

    IAI Westwind 1124

Welcome to Top Aces USA

Top Aces USA is committed to delivering cost effective, leading edge, tactical aviation solutions. We provide the Airborne Training Services required to force generate a modern, operationally capable, multi-purpose combat force. The US military deserves the best tactical Airborne Training Services available to maintain and assure troop readiness; Top Aces USA’s experienced team of professionals provide the most realistic and effective training available. 

Did you know?

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    ... that in September 2013 we surpassed 40,000 combat support hours? This marks a tremendous milestone, and is particularly impresive given the company's 100% accident-free record and ongoing serviceability rates in excess of 98%. 

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    ... that Top Aces' very own Stephen "Fig" Newton was re-elected into the 2013 Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Board of Directors? AUVSI is an International nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the technology of unmanned vehicles through communication, education and leadership.
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    ... that Discovery Air completed the acquisition of Advanced Training Systems International Inc. (ATSI) in December 2013? ATSI is a U.S. airborne training services company based in Mesa, Arizona that offers airborne training services, such as: tactical "Red Air" services, fighter lead-in training, electronic warfare, radar theory and other combat tactics.
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    ... that 3 Top Aces pilots, Shawn "Burner" Byrne, Jeff "Beck" Beckett and Steve "Bunt" Nierlich have over 3000 hours of flying time in the F-18 Hornet.

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